Wooden spoons

There is always a source of raw materials around here to make aspoon.A hatchet, draw knife, a carving knife and a gouge coupled with a shave horse and if you go.

Trestle Style Kitchen Table

The top is floor tile and Aspen. Rough and rustic.

The base is recycled heart wood pine. The wood was taken out of an old Greensboro, NC building that was being restored.  The heaviest and hardest pine I have ever come across.  What a great smell too.


Multi Segmented Bowl

In order to make a bowl with so many different pieces, it is necessary to glue up four different multistrip cutting boards.  After planing,  glueing and stacking come next.  Then it is ready to be turned on a lathe.


I used the CNC to cut out the state outline and for the lettering.

First I painted the letters then rolled the white paint.



This is an exterior chalkboard.  They do mot make exterior grade chalkboard paint. You can easily make your own by adding unsanded grout to black outdoor paint.  Also the board itself is made from marine grade plywood.


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